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Prepaid or Prepayment Water Meters

Prepaid Residential Meter, Domestic Meter, Household Meter

Residential Meter, Domestic Meter, Household Meter

Our Smart Meter for Domestic use or for Households is a smart meter. The small built-in length is only 165 mm, making this meter the smallest smart meter available.

Type of meter is Qn 1.5 Class B. This means a nominal flow of 1500 liters per hour of water and a maximum of 3000 liters per hour. This is more than sufficient for any household as a normal tap only has a throughput of 600 liters per hour.

The meter is battery operated and the batteries last up to eight years.

Competitors have combined meters: a conventional meter with a valve attached to it and some simple electronics.

With a combined meter system, the meter readings of the electronics and the conventional meter always are different, resulting in unhappy customers who claim to have paid for more water as shown on the displays.

Our meter is not a combined meter but a fully digital electronic meter with just one display and measures with an accuracy of 0,1 liter and a resolution of 0,05 liter.

The LCD display has two lines. The upper line shows the remaining credits and the bottom line shows the total of the meter. Also error-codes and when the meter is in ServiceMode additional parameters are shown.

TagMeter   Transponder or Tag

We make use of short range contact less RFID Transponder technology as a data carrier. The meter also writes its data and status on the Tag when inserted in the meter.

There are no buttons on the meter and because we use contact less RFID Transponders to communicate with the meter, with no need for internal appertures to insert the Tag.

Therefor we do not have a slot to insert the transponder Tag. To interact with our meter we use our very own contact less RFID Transponders. This is a unique concept using short range, wireless Radio Frequency. Because there is no slot there is no chance that moist, mist, dirt, or small creatures can get into the meter.

The electronics of the meter are potted and are protected against humid and tropical environments.If the meter is placed outside we advise to place it under a shelter to protect the display against UV radiation from the sunshine.

Inside the meter there is a flow compartment with a valve integrated. This valve is a bistable latched valve which means that the valve can be open or closed. Also this type of valve has a memory effect: once opened or closed it remains opened or closed. Of course the flow part and the electronics are separated so water can not get to the electronics in case of leaking.

Most parts of the meter are made of high durable and strong plastics with minimal affection to lime in the water. The process connection is made from brass.

Meter placed Outside in the yard

Specifications Smart Domestic Meter or Smart Household Meter:

  • Qn 1.5 Class B
  • Battery operated; batteries last up to eight years
  • Integrated low power bistable latched valve; with one batterypack we can open and close the valve 3.5 million times
  • Potted electronics making the meter resistent against humid and tropical environments
  • Tamper and Fraud proof; several built in sensors detecting attempts to open of the meter and external applied electromagnetic fields. Optional bypass detection
  • One enclosure and one LCD display.
  • Accurate: measure accuracy 0,1 liter and resolution of 0,05 liter
  • Low power with only 6 microamps in sleep mode and 13 mA in active mode
  • Unique contact less read/write RFID Transponder technology
  • Individual tariffs and an amount of free water possible
  • NEW !! Convert this Smart Meter into an Intelligent Smart Meter with the optional GSM/GPRS AMM Module: get meter readings and fully control your meter remotely (open valve, close valve, upgrade credits, etc.)